Coming Soon

Do our contemporary cities enable us to look forward to a tangible future? Do they correspond to plans drawn up by architects?

Coming soon transposes the reality of ordinary collective housing into the esthetics of projected views destined to promote high-quality real estate projects. Esthetics inspired by advertisements with the promise that redefining architecture, or traffic plans, can result in a new city, devoid of problems and inhabited by characters that are mainly white, blonde and female. Everything that stands between the viewer and the project – trees, vehicles, pedestrians, etc. – is transparent, conveying the place of an individual partially absent from the decor.

The photomontages from the Coming Soon series, produced from real photo shoots, leave the writing on the walls, the laundry and satellite dishes at windows, abandoned objects on the sidewalk, wear and tear – everything that testifies that a civilization leaves traces and marks the spaces that it appropriates. In the foreground, the presence of the inhabitants contradicts the potential value of these staged scenes through the sudden appearance of the collective memory of a place.



2013 (work in progress)